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    Why is my Macbook Pro printing in code??
    I'm printing off of a wireless printer and it detected it fine, but for some reason when it prints it is printing some weird code. Anybody got any clue?

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    What kind of "code?"

    Can you get us a scan or maybe a decent description?
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    Give us a bit more info. Model of Printer, how it's hooked up for wireless. It sounds like a driver problem but we need more info to help you.

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    When you say detected it fine, are you referring the the bonjour printing? I was never able to get any of my hp printers to work properly through bonjour. Whenever I would try to print, it would print out pages of seemingly random characters. That sounds like what you're talking about. I suggest you try to install the printer properly with the cd that came with it.

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    The code you are seeing is mostly likely postscript or PDF - it means that the raw code generated by the applications is being sent directly to the printer rather than being converted to a format the printer can understand, and it's doing the best it can. Make sure when you set up the printer queue that you select the correct driver and don't leave it at the default.

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