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    a whirring sound
    The other night it was time to let the battery on my ibook go all the way down and then I plugged it in. I then opened it up to get into my email and a whirring sound happened. Like an internal fan came on. The laptop was quite warm as it usually gets when plugged in. I have never heard this "fan" sound come on before tho. Was this normal? I didn't like the sound of it so I closed the lid and just left it plugged in til it was at 100%. Then unplugged and went about my business on it. No whirring sound after that.

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    i dont have no mac's
    sounds like your fan kicked in and you heard it for the very first time. might have been quieter than normal in your room/house so you heard it this time

    other thing it might have been was your hd rearranging itself (osx version of "defrag on the fly")
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    i dont remember

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