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Mojo027 08-11-2006 12:29 PM

Horrendously slow USB 2.0 transfer rate
I was trying to transfer some movies on my iBook to my PC and I decided to put them on my iPod then transfer them over from the iPod to my PC. I had my iPod plugged into a USB 2.0 port on my iBook and started transferring the 4.5 gb of video. At first it went semi-quickly but a few seconds into the transfer my iBook started actively cooling itself (making a whirring noise) and the transfer slowed dramatically (to about 10mbps or so).

This is extremly ridiculous as USB 2.0 is MUCH faster than that, what the heck is wrong with my method??? I don't have much running in the background, only Dashboard, Safari, iTunes (which isn't playing) and aMSN.

Also, when the machine started whirring, my music started chopping on iTunes which is incredibly annoying. Can anyone help me out here?

PS: My iBook is a G4 1.33ghz 12" with 1024mb of DDR400 and a 80gb hard drive.

dtravis7 08-11-2006 01:10 PM

That does not sound right. I have that same iBook and never had that issue at all. I always transfer large video files from it to a PC and it's never made any noises or slowed down the transfer. Will do some searching around and see what I can find and get back to you. You have plenty of RAM so it's not the issue. Are you sure it got hot and the fan went full bore or was it some other sound? It was not a Click, Click Click was it?

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