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    No batteries availeble, hardware issue
    After using my MacBook in the evening - i turn it off to let it be for the night. The day after I turn it on again without success - then i plug in th ac adaptor - works fine. But the battery in the top right corner has a cross instead of time or percentage. then i click on it, an it says "No Batteries Availeble"
    What is wrong? tough luck?

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    try removing and reinserting the battery, if that doesnt work, try resetting the PMU

    if that doesnt work, call apple and ask for a new battery. good luck!

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    #2 Thanks, ill try that - ill let you know if it works - only thing im worried about is that batteries are not included in warrenty as it is a consumable...

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    Hmm - i tried now - did not work - guess ill have to call the apple guys, no other ideas? anyone?

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    for something like that the battery is definately under warranty. if say 6 months down the road you tell them it doesnt last long, that wouldnt be covered. but what your talking about now is 100% absolutely covered. (unless like you dropped your macbook in a toliet or something)

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    In the warrenty documentation it states under exclusions and limitations: "to consumable parts, such as batteries" but afterwards it is mentioned "unless damage has occoured due to a defect in material or workmanship" - so i guess i was wrong, i was just quite furious when this problem occoured.

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