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    Question When I delete doesn't delete totally?
    Hello, I've owned my PB since March and I'm still learning the ins and out of OSX. My problem is when I use a thumbdrive or external HD and I delete info off of it the item goes away, but it really just hides itself. It goes into ".trashes" Which still takes up as much space as it did before I delete it. So in order to get my space back on that drive I have to re-format the whole thing. Is there a way to delete things permenetly from harddrives, thumbdrives? And how? Also I haven't noticed if it does the samething with my internal harddrive, but something tells me that it does. Please help and inlighten me. I love Mac and will never go back!

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    when you delete things from thumbdrives you have to empty the trash on your mac for it to actually erase the files. You can also just delete the files from the .trashes folder
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    Its impossible to completely erase a HD.. but you can cover it to make it really really hard. The finder allows you to "Secure empty trash"

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    friendly suggestion- get a book on OSX, it'll help a lot.

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    Thanks all.

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