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    HP Laserjet 1022.....prints blank pages!!!
    I just got my MBP a couple of days ago and I love it! Everything seems to be working just fine, except my printer. Its a HP Laserjet 1022. When choosing the printer from the list for the drivers, mine isn't on there, the closest thing to it would be the laserjet 1200. I've tried to use that but the printer just spits out blank page after page after page until I press the stop button on the printer itself. If there is anyt writing on the page, its all mumbo jumbo or encripted or something like that. Has anybody had any experience with this specific printer? It does the exact same thing whether or not I print via connected w/ a USP, or wireless through my AirPort Extreme. Any help would be great. I was also looking on the HP website for driver updates for this specific printer and there is a CD available for OS X for the 1022. Is this my solution? Thanks again people, you've been a lifesaver!


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    Read this URL. Down toward the bottom a person suggests getting the 1022 drivers from HP. A person with a 1020 tries them and it works. Read it and it might help you.

    This is the driver they say works with your 1020. Give it a try. Hope it helps!

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    UPDATE: I got the printer to work via USB connection. I read that thread, which was very useful! I have the 1022 printer, not the 1020, which I'm sure they are very similar, but just wanted to clarify. After further reading, I also found out that there are some printers out there that just cant be used for wireless printing. Is this HP 1022 one of them? I get the error 9672: There was an error while trying to add a printer.... while trying to add a Bonjour Printer when I have my USP hooked to my AirPort Extreme. I unplug the USB from the AirPort, hook it to the MBP and printer works I SOL for wireless printing? Any advice would be GREAT. Thanks for the reply, that link to the thread was very helpful!

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