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    so is my ram bad?
    i just wanted to get some additional feedback from you guys in this forum regarding my ram troubles. just incase you didnt see my other posts, techtool pro deleted bootcamp and i had one **** of a time getting it back on. the install kept hanging, i did everything short of formating my harddrive, and finally removed a stick of ram. well after removing the ram, the install went fine. so is my ram bad?

    heres the thing, when bootcamp was up and running it recognize the ram under windows, it recognized the ram under mac os x, under tech tool pro it recognized, tested, and passed the ram. plus, when i first installed windows the ram was in the machine with no problems. im worried that i might have a recognized piece of ram that doesnt fully work...


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    ugh dudes thanks for baring with me, the culprit of my problems and lack of sleep was the stupid winblow cd. i woke up this morning to finish the install, and it would hang at "saving settings" retried 5 times, still hung, removed the ram again, still hung. then tried my old sp2 upgrade cd, which worked since i already copied the files needed from the full cd, and the install finished fine. sucks too because i bought winblows in phoenix (im in tuckson)and now have to drive 100 miles to get them to replace the cd. thanks for bearing with me!

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    That is a bummer...

    but at least you finally have that macbook you were so excited about getting

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    true! and it wasnt made obsolete yesterday,

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