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green6767 08-07-2006 12:14 PM

Just got my MBP!!! Email Questions.
I just got my MBP and I am more impressed than I could have possibly imagined! The speed, ease of use, sleakness, and overall useability has just blown me away. I have however come in contact with a slight problem. With my ISP...( can only choose from a limited number of email clients that they support. I dont think however that Mail is one of them. Outlook Express is though. How can I get Outlook Express on my Mac for my email. I tried and tried to download it there from the MAC Software section and it downloaded fine, I just couldn't open a .bin file or something like that. I need Stuffit Expander maybe? Or is there an easier way to get around this with Mail??? Any help would be great people! You've been a great help so far and you have converted this past PC lover into a MAC DIE HARD!!! Thanks again.


dtravis7 08-07-2006 12:24 PM

Outlook Express is made for the older Mac OS's and not for OSX. Mail will work fine no matter what Cableone says. You can use the basic set up instructions and apply them to Mail but it will be different. Mail will work with any standard POP3 Email or IMAP based email. If you give me a URL to Cableones setup page I could tell you what to do in Mail.

Edit, I just found their setup page, Looks easy to do in Mail. Let me know and I can give you step by step instructions with screen shots if necessary.

D3v1L80Y 08-07-2006 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by dtravis7
Mail will work fine no matter what Cableone says.

Exactly. The only reason they don't "support" it is because they don't have any techs trained on Mac to assist you. An email client is an email client. As long as that email client allows for POP access (what most ISP's use, and most mail clients allow POP and/or IMAP) then you can set up your email with it.

green6767 08-07-2006 12:58 PM

Well, as far as setting up my email for Mail, I know which incoming POP address I should use. I have a domain of that incoming POP address is Now for the outgoing, I'm going to have to use Cableone's SMTP outgoing address, I'm just not sure how to go about putting that in? When I was using Outlook Express, my incoming address was and my outgoing was Will it be the same now? Thanks for the quick replies, I knew I could always count on this forum for answers!

dtravis7 08-07-2006 01:02 PM

Yes, use for outgoing (SMTP).

D3v1L80Y 08-07-2006 02:00 PM

It should be "" for the outgoing server.

dtravis7 08-07-2006 02:14 PM

says on their site Some ISP's I have worked with used mail for both POP and SMTP. This is straight out of their instructions for setup.

green6767 08-07-2006 03:07 PM

WORKED!!! I used for the outgoing server. Once again, I thank everybody that replied, you have saved the day!

Matthew_love84 08-07-2006 03:14 PM

one other question is, is gmail pop3? can I use it with mail? sorry for the hijacking :(

dtravis7 08-07-2006 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by Matthew_love84
one other question is, is gmail pop3? can I use it with mail? sorry for the hijacking :(

Yes you can. Go to the gmail page and check for the setup instructions for Mail. When you set up POP it will show you a URL for the help.

Matthew_love84 08-07-2006 03:54 PM

awesome, thank you.

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