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    Thinking of purchasing MB, questions?
    Hi, went to Regent St. store and saw a Macbook and was instantly hooked!

    Need a laptop for Uni in september and after struggling to find a decent windows based one, decided to go mac (especially with the availablilty of this 'boot camp' app i've seen), plus was a long time RISC OS user so not averse to different OSs!

    Need to know the answer to a few questions first though.

    1) been checking here and other sites and they mention problems of overheating, 'mooing' and discolouration of the macbook? Have these problems been solved?

    2) I ideally want the 2.0ghz with 80GB and 1GB, i've seen this in the Meadowhall branch for 1009 and i've been told i can get student discount so makes sense to buy from a shop to me. Is this a good model choice?

    3) Will Football Manager 2006 work on it?! :p

    4) I've got a PSP and a SonyErriccson W810i, both of which are formatted with FAT32 Memory Stick Duo cards. Assuming these are plugged in via USB, can the mac read/write to them or will there be problems?

    5) I've got a 4g Color iPod, will this work/will it need to be reformatted for the mac? There's no music from ITMS on there, it's all from CDs so don't know the steps required there.

    6) When the new Mac OS X is released, will there be any way to keep Boot Camp or will it expire? (or is there an existing expiration date)

    7) Finally, is it worth waiting on until i buy the machine? I've read things about new processors or the new OS and don't know if now is a good time to buy?

    Sorry for the long list but just want to make sure it's the machine for me before i make the switch!



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    Answer to 1), YES! These problems have been solved.
    Answer to 2), YES! That is a perfect model IMO, plenty of space and speed.
    Answer to 3), YES! Just check out their site for the latest info.
    Answer to 4). YES! Mac reads/writes FAT32.
    Answer to 5), YES! It will work.
    Answer to 7), YES! It's always a good time to buy especially since September is right around the corner.

    I should have said, it just works.

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    Oh, one more thing, after you use a Mac you'll notice you might not wanna use Windows ver again!

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    Aug 04, 2006
    Cheers mate, going to try to hold out till after A level results although it's killing me!

    Seen an 'eyetv DTT stick with 2.0 software' on the apple site for 70 so going to get that. will need a proper 2 button mouse, have read the mighty mouse has right click issues so going to give that a miss, do like the idea of a B/T mouse though

    Will the ipod need reformatting then? :S - EDIT found this so that's sorted:
    Will it keep the album art though? :S

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    If you artwork is on your PC when you set up your Ipod for Mac you'll be able to retrieve it again.

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    Aug 04, 2006
    Not sure whether to just use an iPod to mac utility or copy the files over from 'My Music' then, will see when i buy the MB (hopefuly 17th if they'll give me NUS discount with a UCAS letter!)

    Have already ordered a Logitech V270 BT mouse, eyetv usb stick, tucano second skin & 512 USB 2.0 drive, can't wait!

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