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    This the right time to buy a Macbook?
    Now that its time for me to make a decision soon, is this the right time to be getting a macbook? Any significant upgrades, etc coming soon? Are the bugs and stuff worked out?

    I read that the discoloration was fixed, but what about overheating etc?


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    is this the right time to be getting a macbook?

    The right time is whenever you want it or need it.

    Any significant upgrades, etc coming soon?

    Nobody but Apple knows the answers to those questions... and they aren't telling anyone until it happens.

    Are the bugs and stuff worked out?

    Not sure what you mean by "bugs and stuff", but MacBooks are good machines.
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    I personally think it would be a good time to buy one. Even with the WWDC around the corner, and if they do release a newer Macbook, Macbooks run very well. When a new product like that releases you want to wait a month or two to see what the common problems are.

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    yes it is a good time

    and mark my words... the macbook will not get core2duo anytime soon.... MBPs are getting it 1st

    and yes, it is the perfect time to buy them, its been the perfect time to buy them isnce they came otu
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    I agree with taseal. I had started a few threads asking the same questions. Particularly, I was thinking about waiting for the Core2Duo's for the MacBooks.

    I went ahead and bought a few days ago. A friend and I were talking, and we talked about the differences between the MacBooks and the MacBooks pros. In our opinion's, there was very little differentiating the two, save the dedicated video card in the MacBook Pro's. That little difference currently costs you almost a thousand dollars or more. Due to this, I wouldn't imagine that the MacBook Pro's would be selling very well at all right now.

    Fast forward to the release of the Core2Duo chips, and I see this as a perfect way for Apple to differentiate the MacBook Pro from the MacBooks by immediately updating this line with the new chips and finally being able to see some price justification for this model.

    The MacBooks will get the updates too I'm sure, but I certainly wouldn't count on it being this year.

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    Whats going to be so great about the Core2Duo?

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    It's a fair bit faster than the CoreDuo, has a larger cache I believe and is also a 64-bit processor.

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    You are correct on that. The Core2Duo's are 64-bit chips, while the Core Duo's are 32-bit. To be honest, you won't see much of a performance jump at all right now given the software that is out there. That said, my interest in the Core2Duo chip was not becuase of increased performance, rather it was my goal to futureproof my $1200 investment as best I could.

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    Do you guys think I should get the AppleCare extended warranty?

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    generally, if you ask if you need it, you should get it. I personally have never had or needed it (knock on wood) but i have heard many stories of applecare saving thousands of dollars.

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    Whats it for though? Defects or personal mistakes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cvclover
    Whats it for though? Defects or personal mistakes?

    apple care does not cover personal errors or breakage. it covers parts and service on most parts for 3 years instead of 1, and phone support for 3 years instead of 90 days

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    i would wait for the core 2 duo processors if i was you. the macbooks are good, but if you hold out just a little longer something better is going to come out. and even if the newer macbooks have the same issues (mooing, heat) at least you'll have a machine that's faster and has the same problems.

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    i dont think theyll even put the core 2 duo processor in the macbook. why would they, then it would be the same as the pro, as it is now. they need something to differientiate the two computers other than vram and harddrive space

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    I bought mine yesterday!

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