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    Dodgy connections in ibook?
    Hello everyone! I have an iBook G3 900, which I bought in the summer and I am now having one or two problems.

    In the last week or so, I have noticed that if i pick the ibook up by holding on to the palm rest, to the left of the track pad, the screen image breaks up into a mixture of the desktop and black streaky lines running across the screen. The effect is a bit like the morse code shutters on a signalling lamp on a warship. As a result the system freezes and the screen eventually goes completely black.

    On more than a few occassions, i restarted it, but the ibook didn't boot up properly after the chimes. Followed by a couple more attempts, it booted up and I ran the /sbin/fsck -y command in single user mode to fix the '14 major errors and 5 minor errors'. After rebooting , it worked fine again, until i decided to move the ibook again.

    I have also used the hardware test cd and this came up with nothing, although I didn't move the iBook whilst this was running. I can only think that this is down to dodgy soldering or something of the sort. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Ah, it seems to be common to the other logic board problems. Right, let's see how long it takes to get through to Apple Support - 15 min so far!

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    Out of curiosity, when exactly did you buy your iBook? I bought my 12" G3 900Mhz in september, and now I'm hearing about all these issues, also do you have a 12, or 14 incher?

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    I bought my 12" ibook at the end of July 2003.

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    I have this same problem. Any solutions yet?

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    After being an the phone for an hour, they accepted that it should be taken in to be looked at. I had to go through the everything else first. e.g. reseting the PRAM, FSCK check in single user mode, removing battery and disk/permissions repairs by booting up from the install disk. But I had to do all that before they accepted that there was a problem with some models. Since then, they have posted this webpage:

    It is quite thorough and even tells you the series of models that have been known to be affected. With any luck, there will be less running around for you on the support line.

    In the mean time, i would back up all your important data and home library. If you can hold of another firewire mac, attach a firewire cable between them. Presumably, you can't see anything on the ibook, but when you reboot both computers (holding down the 'T' key) the ibook will become what's called a 'Target Disk' and the other mac will see the ibook as an external hard drive. Then it's just a matter of going through the ibook folders and dragging and dropping on to a folder the other mac. Note that the other mac will have full access permissions to your ibook. This won't be a problem (in terns of persona dat protection) if you are the only person doing it.

    Having done that, Apple should arrange a day for a courrier to come and pick up your ibook.

    I hope this helps.


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    Sorry, ishould say "holding down the T key on the ibook, whilst rebooting both macs".

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    sorry to break it to you if it has not allready been broken YOUR LOGIG BOARD HAS FAILED (I HOPE TO GOD YOU HAVE APPLE CARE)

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