Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. The problem first started when I was using my (PB 12" 1.5 GHz in Alumin case with DVI port) with my ipod hooked up and two programs running at the same time. Well My PB fronze and when I restarted my PB it was stuck in the start up mode. I'd fix it when I earsed and reinstalled everything. My PB was working okay but when my PB was getting really hot a dull clicking nosie started. This nosie caused my PB to freeze and I would have to reinstall everything again. The dull clicking nosie would appear when I was burning or ripping my dvds. I noticed my PB running warmer than usual. I tried to open the case but I wasn't able to. I disconnected my battery and uncovered the upgradeable memory. After reconnecting and covering everything. I noticed that my PB doesn't run as hot as before. Ever since then I haven't got the dull clicking nosie. But I still want to know what could have cause this dull clicking nosie and my PB running warmer. Has any experienced this before? What was your solution to this problem? Thanks