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    Question what is max ram for my iBook??
    I have a 2001 white iBook G3 600Mhz 384mb of ram 128 built in and 256 installed. I heard that i could give my ibook a nice boost if i installed a 512 instead of the 256.

    is it even possable for my ibook to take a 512?? i heard that the largest stick i can put in is 256 and that the newer g4's can take 512. so will a 512 stick work???

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    Maxed, the dual usb ibook can hold 640 MB ram that's with the 512 stick and the 128 built in

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    somewhere i heard that i was maxed already but i see your running with 640 right now so i guess it works.
    thx for the info

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    worked great. I have 640MB now and my machine runs much better. I can run Illustrator Photoshop and be browsing the internet all at once and everything works fine.

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