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    static noise on 17"
    My new powerbook is making some know if you turn the volume all the way up? that static noise. Im getting the sound when the volume is at moderate levels. I cant hear when im playing music becuase i think it just drowns it out.

    i can hear static when the room is quiet, the static varies with what i am doing on screen...say i move a whole window at once, its a little louder.

    This problem happens regardless if i have external speakeres plugged in or not.

    ..also i hear pops now and then when im not doing anything and sometimes when im playing music with itunes....

    that seems to be my only problem after switching less than two weeks ago.

    .. thanks for any help.


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    If i listen to music loud while I'm online I get nasty interference... so er... that's what I have to say!

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