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    Waking up from sleeping problems
    When opening my PB from closing it from the previous use it sporadically doesn't come out of sleeping. The only way I've found to remedy this is to do the 5sec restart method. It doesn't happen all the time but has been consistantly increasing. Any thoughts as to why or how to prevent this?

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    what are you doing once you close the lid, if ou immediately stuff it into a case or bag it will overheat and shut down as a preventative thing. maybe your battery is dying.

    i suggest you repair your permissions, make sure it is completely asleep before moving it, and purchasee it a better alarm clock
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    holy crap, seems like I just answered this in another thread like yesterday? *blink*

    Try these:

    and then try this:

    Its a life saver.
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    I am also experiencing these problems but it isnt the internet access its actually the whole computer that doesnt turn on no matter how many buttons i push.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y
    holy crap, seems like I just answered this in another thread like yesterday? *blink*

    Try these:

    and then try this:

    Its a life saver.
    except that this doesn't pertain to the internet problems or connections. I did however read these first. *blink*

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