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    Macbook Ejects Cds
    Hey guys,

    Have yall noticed the macbook ejects some cds? I can't figure out why it does it. Like a linksys cd of mine and a windows XP cd. Doesnt matter if I am in Mac OSX or Windows XP it just doesnt like them and the cds are brand new. Very Strange. Please let me know what yall have found out.


    Notice these are Windows Compatiable CDS

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    Not here, never had a problem with CD's

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    no marks or dust or scracthes on the cd's ?

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    thats interesting

    i would say take it to an apple store or call applecare, something dont sound right
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    I had this problem it was the actual CD/DVD player that was the problem, mine was only a few days old so they exchange it, but otherwise it had to be replaced.

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