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    Macbook 1.83ghz running at 1.5ghz???
    Ok... I got my MacBook 1.83ghz w/ 2gb ram. Is it normal for it to dispay or it to be running at 1.5ghz? All i do with it is really browse the web and chat online. Shouldnt it be running at 1.83ghz? I have CoreDuoTemp downloaded and it is saying that my MacBook is running at 1.5ghz. :radioacti :mad:

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    I guess you havent read around.

    Anyway, Macbook does something like most computers do, they run at lower speeds when it is not needed to run faster. Opening and using what you are using does not take 1.83 ghz, in fact you wouldnt even notice the difference between that and 1.5 ghz. It only uses the 1.83 when it is needed. I am running 1.5 at the moment also. Dont worry about it, its running lower to keep your temperature lower. If it ran at full speed all the time your computer would be too hot all the time. It will go up if you start mulit-tasking with things like Photoshop and Ichat and Safari etc. It is not noticeable for small programs like just Safari and iChat so there is no reason to increase the computers heat.

    It is nothing to worry about.

    Hope I helped you understand and feel more secure with your purchase.

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    Great... thanks... My MacBook is going to Apple tomorrow because it runs no lower then 69 C Called Apple about it and they set up to have it fixed along with my battery issue. But thanks for clearing that up for me.

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