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Thread: Defragmenting?

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    On a Mac (iBook), how do we

    1) defragment the main harddrive?
    2) make a backup of the entire harddrive or certain folders? Would like to burn the backup.
    3) optimize?
    4) Any other procedure you guys take on a monthly basis?

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    there is no 1 or 3 on macs.
    only procedure I do on a monthly basis is just repair my disk permissions in the disk utility (Applications --> Utilities)

    As for the backup i am not sure since i just have an external harddrive with all my important stuff on

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    What I've used is the OS 9 versions of DiskWarrior and TechToolPro to defrag my OS X volume. Works great.

    As far as backupů
    If you want a snapshot of your OS X volume then use Carbon Copy Cloner. If you just want files then SilverKeeper is a good backup application.

    Using Carbon Copy Cloner, I burn a backup of my OS X volume directly to DVD.

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    I use CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner) every once, and a while, but it takes a while to work, so I mostly use Backup2 that came with my .Mac subscription, it comes pre-installed with critical backups folders, and allows you to select any others you'd like.

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