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    Talking MacBook Pro -- warped lid & bootup issues
    So I wanted to post about an experience I had with Apple today, and I'm not sure where it should go but I'm putting it here because I have a MacBook Pro.

    My BF pointed out last night that one corner of my macbook pro doesn't close all the way. I am one of those assinine people who can't cope with even one minor thing being off or wrong on something I paid so much money for. So, ******* that I am, I called Apple about that and also about my intermittent problems booting up.

    I get this really nice gal on the line and she walks me thru all kinds of troubleshooting and puts me on hold to contact the sales department to see what they are going to do about the issues I've been having. (Bear in mind that the booting up problem only happens about 1 time in 10 and the gap in the lid is only big enough to slide 3 business cards into). So I figure they'll probably have me take it in to the Apple store and test it and tweak it. And that's cool, no big deal.

    I get on the line with the sales guy and he apologizes several times that this product hasn't met up to the standards it should (at which point I interjected that it was a refurbished model) and that he wants to make me happy. To reach that end, he gets my email address and assigns me a case number. FedEx will email me a shipping label and Apple will email me instructions on how to package and ship my laptop. (no problem, I still have the original box). After I drop it off at FedEx, I need to call Apple and give them a tracking number and they will ship my replacement MacBook Pro right away. Granted, I'll be without a laptop for a few days, but I was really impressed. Neither of these issues is a big deal to me and I didn't even have to push or prod them into doing this -- they offered this almost the first thing. AND they're paying for the shipping. Woo hoo for Apple! And another Woo hoo for the fact that both reps I talked to were Americans.

    I feel like kind of a heel for complaining all the same. I even asked the sales guy for an email so I could send in a compliment for the two of them and he told me not to bother -- that they're just glad when they can make someone happy. Wow. I am not used to being treated so well by customer service representatives. Just another way that Apple is so far ahead of the PC clones. :cool:

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    Mac Book Pro, 1.83 GHz, 1.5 gigs RAM, 80 GB, AND NO HEAT ISSUES!!
    whoa!!!!! I am flabbergasted. it seems so easy, and for such, well not minor, but small-ish problems, too!
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    wait, so new macbook?

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    Thats an extremely good story. Usually you only get the ones where people say that apple wouldn't even listen to them. I think this is a good display of the majority of apple tech people.

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    Does Apple offer next day onsite support for their MBP? We are starting to get some Mac's in at the company I work for and being in IT one thing that concerns me is the ship off the computer to get it repaired, that's down time and lost productivity.

    With our Dellís we buy the next day onsite repair and if you have a problem dell will be there with parts to repair the laptop.

    I can't wait for my 15" MBP to show up, just hope I don't have any problems with it. Of the first 7 we received 2 of them had track pad's go out.

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