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Thread: iBook G3 versus iBook G4 ?

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    iBook G3 versus iBook G4 ?
    This question has probably already been posted because it's so very obvious: I own a snow 800mHz G3 iBook and I love it, but it is too lightweight for my needs (photoshop, DTP, flash site development, ...) . The powerbooks seem a little too expensive for my budget, and I really wonder what the power of the new G4 iBooks feels like. Is it a big difference with the G3 ?

    So: G4 vs. G3 iBooks. Big difference or not very noticable ?


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    I'd like to know as well, so has anyone used both for any considerable period of time. I used a iBook G4 at the apple store, and didn't notice any real difference to my G3, but a store visit is hardly enough information to make a judgement.

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    Don't mean to start up an old topic,
    but my ibook is a 800 mhz G4 and my friends is a 900 mhz G3, we have the same ram, except his isn't DDR, and the G4 IS SO MUCH FASTER! its amazing. Even with the 100 mhz difference the G4 blows the G3 away. more responsive and can do more at the same time. I use dreamweaver, fireworks, adobe, they all run great, even better than my 1.5 ghz celeron laptop.

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    I have no trouble running photoshop CS, Dreamweaver, Flash MX. They all run great on my 1Ghz G4.

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    I don't own an iBook, but i do know the AltiVec instructions on the G4 add a great performance boost when used


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    I have the 800mhz 12" G-4 and I had the 800mhz G-3 for work. The difference is very substantial although not as fast as my desktop of course but PS runs well on it. I have the ram maxed at 640 and also the 60gighd so that helps as well. I had the funds for the 12" and loved the look but that surface when marred shows everything, on the plactic ibook if scratched it just blends in. That and the difference in price was what made up my mind. I took the savings and bought and Ipod, something I use daily.

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    the 60 gig hdd, its still 4200 rpm isnt it?

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