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    Question about upgrading MacBook hard drive
    Hey guys, quick question. I know the MacBook uses a SATA hard drive. I have the black one with the 80GB, but its brand new and im lookng to see if it might be worth selling on eBay and buying a 100 or 120gb drive. My question is, when I go to TigerDirect, it doesn't say SATA, but says 2.5" mobile hard drives. And under interface, it says Mobile Hard Drive. Is that what I need? Or is there something different? Thanks.

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    that should be it, have you also considered purchasing an external hard drive? i have found on my laptop with a 60 gig had drive that you dont need to be carrying around all that info with you all the time, you can leave some stuff at home on a HD

    anyway, yes i believe mobile drives should be 2.5" drives, if you are concerned go to newegg and there is no question when searching there wether it is the correct drive
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