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    Wireless Problems/ AIM on new MBP
    I just got my MBP in and I love it except for the wireless. Everytime the computer goes into sleep and I wake it, it will not connect back to wireless. I tried turning off/on the airport but the only thing that seems to work is resetting the router. The router is a Linksys Wireless G. Also last night Safari shut down abruptly and AIM has multiple times today. AIM may be because I installed Acium (?) then deleted it. I'm completely new to macs so any help is appreciated, Thanks!

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    get rid of aim and set up ichat. It's ten times better!


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    I agree with MacGuy on using iChat, but if for some reason you do not like it, try Adium again. It does work and work QUITE well. A lot of people have had problems with AIM for OSX. It's just not that well programed.

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    for some reason, sometime the settings fo rmy wireless will cahnge all by itself and won't connect to the wireless router properly. For example try and conenct to a trusted AP which you have used for ages and my MBP gives me some odd IP address (using DHCP) Numbers that dont' even come close to the AP's range. So run Network Diagnostics and all of a sudden the IP address changes to something compatible and your away. This gets annoying when you ahve to do this almost everytime you connect. I take my MBP to work and use it at home so it does change AP but that shouldn't make a difference.
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    adium works really well (I prefer it over iChat because a lot of my friends have msn or other), but the wireless cutting out? that's kinda wierd. I have my computer on sleep a lot of the time without moving it, and the wireless is still connected when I open it back up....
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    I wanted to use AIM when I got my MBP, kinda like what everyone else said, iChat might be your way to go. My airport is plugged in 24/7 and whenever my MBP is in sleep mode or initially turns on it is connected. You might want to investigate your airport's IP settings
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    my MBP gives me some odd IP address (using DHCP) Numbers that dont' even come close to the AP's range. So run Network Diagnostics and all of a sudden the IP address changes to something compatible
    This is due to the Mac supporting zeroconf. It gets an IP address in the range (I think) unless it can acquire a genuine address via DHCP. It sounds like your router is taking a while to respond to DHCP requests.

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    I don't know if this is a known problem. But my friend and I have the same problem when we have our might mouse plugged into our MBP & Powerbooks. The scrolling ball int he middle of the mouse, whenever you move it left and right while an AIM chat box is open, it will close the program unexpectidly. Not sure why this hasn't been fixed yet.

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