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Thread: Apple Silent on iBook Battery Issue

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    Source: MacWorld UK

    Apple is still refusing to comment on widely reported battery-power problems that Mac OS X 10.2.4 is causing iBook users.

    Widespread reports indicate that 10.2.4 causes the iBook's power level read-out to plummet to 45 minutes, while, in use, the iBook battery runs out after as little as ten minutes.

    Apple sold 185,000 iBooks in the third quarter last year and iBook forums are filled with pleas for advice. Critics say Apple is failing its customers by issuing no guidance on the problem. Apple refuses to speak with Macworld on the issue.

    MacFixIt has posted a follow-up report in which readers recommend that iBook owners "investigate acquiring a new battery to help fix the problem".

    One reader told Macworld that "Apple UK is out of stock of replacement batteries". Those iBooks most affected are 12-inch models that shipped between May-November 2002.
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    I don't think apple is failing us. They will release a fix.

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    I guess I won't be upgrading my wife's iBook to 10.2.4 any time soon. :unsure:
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