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    Problem sending signal to LCD projectors

    My iBook G4 comes with the standard VGA adapter. My problem is that some LCD projectors just won't show the screen output causing embarassing situations in some presentations I've had to make.

    So far, the Panasonic PT-LC56E & Sanyo (not sure which model) projectors don't capture the display.

    I thought this should not be a problem w/ macs.

    Any possible solutions for this problem?


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    i dont have no mac's
    in system preferences you should be able to go to displays and then select 'mirror display' once everything is plugged in.

    also with any sort of presentation you should always have
    a) your stuff tested out about 20 minutes prior to giving the presentation to ensure that everything works
    b) a backup plan, if you are doing powerpoint make sure that you have copies of it so that if it fails then you can give them as a handout or copies of anything else that might help if everything starts falling through

    and remember people only know that a presentation is all messed up if you let them know that it is all messed up
    MoTM honor roll...
    i dont remember

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    Amen coach_z. I worked desktop support for a university around here and I always set up rooms 30 minutes in advance. My customers did not like supprises and neither did I.

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