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    12 inch powerbook heat issues?
    Im thinking about buying the 12 inch powerbook from the Apple Refurb. store and I am wondering if it has any heat issues which are present in the current macbooks/macbook pros? Thanks.

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    There are no heat issues with the powerbooks. The only reason there are heat issues with the macbooks is because they are still new and problems are being reported and fixed, so the rev b's will be much better with heat (we hope)
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    No heat issues with the 12" Powerbooks. I sold my 12" 1.5ghz PB before getting my MacBook and I really regretted it. I never had a problem with that thing.

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    yeah, no heat issues with my 12" Powerbook either (although it does get a little uncomfortable when you charge it while it's on your lap, hehe). I love my Powerbook. I've recently bought a 15" MacBook Pro, and from the little I've seen, it doesn't have any heat problems, although I think I need to get my unit replaced, as the dang thing won't eject Disk 2 of my Adobe CS (I've already tried all sorts of tricks, and have sent an SOS on the 'boards). But I digress...bottom line: no heat problem with my powerbook.
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    i'll work mine hard for like 12 hours and no overheating issues ever.

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    my pbook can get pretty hot when you run flash movies.. and sometimes when i watch porn on quicktime.. i guess the poor thing can't handle the exotic scenes..

    by hot i mean its touchable but i wouldn't suggest putting it on your lap and the fans are like on full blast lol.

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    I bought my powerbook in september of '04. It was 1.33 Ghz, 12". At first, it felt as if the fan never turned on, and kept cool. But in the last 6 to 8 months, it has been getting really hot, and loud. Though it never overheats, it still becomes very hot, loud, and slows down. Maybe it is just mine, or I leave it on for too long. Thats just what I have noticed.

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    My 15-inch PowerBook seems to be doing the same thing (bought it in August 2005)! I never remember hearing the fans on before unless I was playing a game like UT2004. My brother suggested I blow it out using an air compressor and it actually seems better so far. We shall see.

    EDIT: Noticed it is quieter/cooler on "Better Battery Life" Mode. I don't see what the use for the "Normal" mode is to be honest.

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    the fan noise may bother you with the 12'',,, mine never stoped, wheeeeeeeeeeeee.

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    Feb 03, 2010
    What's the solution to overheating and fan constantly running?
    So, what's the solution for fixing the running fax problem and overheating problem on PowerBooks? I have a G4.


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