First off I live in Canada, but have an American Address where I can have stuff sent so location isn't too important.

I've read some of this information leading up to the purchase of the computer but of course can't find it now. Anyhow, I'm wondering what programs work best for clearing up some HDD space (languages etc) , and where I should be looking for some decent ram (two GB sticks). One last thing is what larger HDD options are best. I've heard good things about the seagate and am thinking about waiting for my current 60 Gb drive to clutter up and hope that by then the 160 GB seagate drive has come down but I am looking for others to comment on the wisdom of this.

Any other worthy hardware and binary software tips would be great to. I'm switching from a 17" powerbook which I sold for what the MB cost me.

Sorry one last thing - why doesn't mac yet support trachpad clicking? Do I need to install and buy side track to do this?

Cheers and Thanks,