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Thread: MacBook Pro - Dual Cinema Displays

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    MacBook Pro - Dual Cinema Displays
    My current system is a monster Dell PC with two 21” UltraSharp displays. I have always been a closet MAC fan and would like to make the “switch”. My PC is displaying signs of dying, so I am seriously looking at the 17” MacBook Pro. While I do not use any heavy applications, I will need to utilize Boot Camp to manage my Visio and MS Project files.

    I know that the 17” MacBook Pro will not support dual 23” Cinema displays out of the box, so is there another piece of external hardware that I can buy that will support dual monitors so that I can extend my desktop?

    Thank you for your help…


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    One more note: From what I know so far, waiting for the Intel Desktops to come out is about my only option, for now. I am ok with that, however there must be somebody out there with information about a new or existing piece of hardware that will allow me to support two Cinema displays using the 17 MacBook Pro.

    Thank you and have a great day,


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    here's one I found Matrox

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    Thanks for the link, however it appears to only support Windows and does not handle digital signals. Since the Cinema displas are digital, this will not work.

    I am going to have to wait for dual monitor hardware to be developed or the Intel Desktop be come out, which ever happens first...

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