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    New MacBook User!
    Hi all,

    I purchased my MacBook last week. First time Mac OS user! I got the 2.0Ghz, Super Drive, 80GB hard drive (black model) with the free IPOD offer and printer rebate.

    I ordered 2 x 1GB of GigaRam from newegg and it looks like it improved my MacBook a little bit as far as speed and opening up applications, etc.

    I also have the mac usb keyboard and logitech usb cordless mouse. Everything is working great so far, planning on buying a faster hard drive, - 7200 rpm instead of the 5400 rpm and using the old one and putting it in a usb or firewire enclosure. Use it as a backup drive or something for the mac book.

    Do you guys recommend buying a Seagate drive or the Hitachi?

    Once I get my linux rig up and running again, i'll have it networked to the mac. Can't wait!

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    2.2GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 120GB hard drive, 2GB RAM, 15" widescreen... pretty basic.
    What kind of work will you be doing that will necessitate all that speed and memory???

    Congrats on the new purchase, though.
    2.2GHz MacBook Pro
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    Quote Originally Posted by diesel828
    What kind of work will you be doing that will necessitate all that speed and memory???

    Congrats on the new purchase, though.
    Well I wanted the black MacBook, and figured i'd give my girlfriend my 80gb drive and use her 60gb drive as an external usb or firewire. Then thinking of purchasing a 7200 rpm either 80 or 100gb drive to replace inside the notebook.

    As for memory, I saw I was using up the 512 according to one of the programs that comes with OS X. I was thinking of doing just a 1GB upgrade, but for 50 bucks more, might as well go 2GB incase I do some video editing.

    Currently the notebook I still use for my last year in school, some home video editing, Office Excel/Word, connecting my IPOD, etc.

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    I'm seeking the same info. I actually want to know what components of the Macbook can you upgrade? You are obviously able to upgrade your HDD can someone pls let me know what would be a compatible HDD that I should be looking for?

    Also buying 2gb RAM. I use it for quite basic usage but I'm intending on keeping it for awhile so I want to upgrade it to it's max capabilities and go from there. Also are we able to upgrade your optical driver? For example can I upgrade my combo to a superdrive?

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    I don't know about upgrading the drive, haven't taken that apart yet.

    As far as hard disk goes, you need a 2.5" SATA 150 drive. Sizes are 60, 80, 100 GB from Seagate and Hitachi.. 5400 or 7200 rpm speeds

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    I too have asked about the best HDD upgrade option and from what I have read Seagate is the hands down winners. Others have had heat/noise issues with various other brands. I'm waiting until I clutter my drive up a bit before upgrading with the hope that prices drop a bit. The HDD and ram can be swapped out easily from the battery bay. Youtube even has a video showing the process.

    PS. Do you really need the 7200?.... and try and make your thread titles a little more precise ie. containing a glimpse of what you are asking



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