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    Showing wears already
    I had this new G4 12" for almost a month and the handpad is already showing some wears. Meaning, where our palm touches when we type, it is not white (clean) as it use to be but showing some blackness. Even the touchpad is not white anymore.

    Besides, washing my hands all the time (which I can't), any other methods to keep it clean? And can I make it back to its original color or just use it as it is?

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    Carry around wet-wipes?


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    I've resorted to putting 2 pieces non-lint cloth (the type you use to wipe your glasses) between my palm and the iBook wristrest at all times and washing them regularly. So far (used my iBook for 2 months) there has been no discoloration. Might be something you could try?

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