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    macbook wireless
    My macbook picks up wireless connections wonderfully, but will sometimes cut out with a "error in joining (name of wireless group)" within the first while of using it. This problem is fixed by restarting the computer and then it works fine. The only program i installed was firefox, so other then that it is a brand new macbook. I might have mesed with a wireless setting or two which might be causing this, but i don't know. Anyone have a fix?

    p.s. This is my first post here and also my first apple that i have personally owned, so please be kind. other then this my macbook is absolutly amazing.

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    I totally agree with you when picking up the wi-fi signal its excellent Just bought my on thursday and I can say I am an obsessed Mac user already! I think that you should def go into your wi-fi settings, perhaps you have a password on the wi-fi that might need to be saved on the computer so that it dosen't disconnect you! good luck

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    Does it happen on all wireless connections or only on a particular network? If only on a particular network I would say it's probably a router issue and not your machine.
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    The first few days i had it i was at home and the internet was working great on my home network, but at the moment i have been on vacation and it has been the internet at hotels. So hopefully its just the reception at the hotels and not anything wrong. the only thing that worry's me is that at the one hotel, it said i had full connection, yet nothing was connecting.

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