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    Jun 09, 2006
    Memory for MacBook

    I am keen to upgrade the memory in my MacBook as much as possible.

    Does anyone have experience using non-apple supplied memory. Any suggestions for dealers appreciated.


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    I've mostly used OWC (, but has a relatively good reputation and is cheaper right now.

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    I buy most of my upgrades (for Mac and PC) from newegg.

    This seems to be working very well in the MacBooks:

    And it's less than $165 for 2GB. :black:

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    I've been using newegg also. They usually have good sales on their RAM. I got two of these 1GB sticks for $150 when they were on sale.

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    I had used kingston ram no problems in the past. Make sure you get the part listing from their website but be sure you use pairs for dual channel.

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    Jun 14, 2006
    I bought the gigaram for my macbook. 2 x 1gb. PC 5300, 667Mhz.. works great so far!

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