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Thread: Powerbook Fan

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    Quote Originally Posted by galaga
    Is it normal for the fan to be running as soon as it is switched on?
    The machine consumes max power when first turned on. It's not till the power management software kicks in that it will draw less juice and thus make less heat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rman
    Since I am running Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2.6), I would say no. I am not sure what it does when running Panther (Mac OS X 10.3.2).

    what's the difference between the JAguar and the Panther???......

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    Panther is amazingly has hundreds of more features...the best of which being can go to the apple website and get all the details.

    I hear my fan every once in a while when doing pretty heavy computing....but it turns back off after a usually only comes on after an hour or more not stop using my computer....problably closer to two hours.

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    My fan comes on when I have been running VirtualPC for a few minutes. The only other time I hear it is when I am running something intensive in Photoshop.


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