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    MacBook USB Modem 'carrier not found' problems?
    Hi, I got a new MacBook today and it's fantastic, except I'm having issues with the Apple USB Modem. (I know, I'm a dialup dinosaur, but we're moving in a couple months and I'm just sticking with it for now.) Anyway, I hook up the line to it and 9 times out of 10 I get a "carrier not found" message. Which would make me think I configured it wrong but it HAS connected a couple times, so I don't know what's going on. The old iMac works fine on the line. The phone lines to our house are crap (again, moving soon) but I don't see why the one computer works fine but the new one doesn't. Any clues? I might try calling our ISP in morning too. Thanks!

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    ok... i once had this problem.... this might help *MIGHT* in system prefs // network// show:internal modem. make sure that the box is checked for "Wait for dial tone before daling" all my macs have not had this turned on when i recived it new.... i hope this will help


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