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Thread: Macbook fan out of control!! :(

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    Macbook fan out of control!! :(
    Okay first off I love my new Macbook but it isnt perfect. The powerbox hisses and the fan moos a bit but last night something crazy happened! I was browsing on youtube and then hit the back button and the mac froze up and that little multicolored circle just kept spinning and nothing happened. Then the fan started to speed up faster and faster till it was going an insane speed full blast and I had to shut it off by using the power button which didnt go well either it sounded like the thing was going to take off for liftoff the fan was overspinning so fast. I was low on batteries and not plugged in so I maybe that had somethin to do with it. Man I really don't wanna have to ship it back specially after my XBOX 360 just died too and I had to send that back. They really don't make stuff like they used to

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    Just called applesupport and he basically said don't worry about it and if it happens a few times then there may be a problem. Most likely since the PC froze and the fan is run by the OS it was just running faster to protect the PC at least thats what he said.

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    That sucks

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