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    Error after "Reset-nvram" "reset-all" in open firmware
    Hi, I my iBook Blueberry was having trouble correctly reading the battery I replaced my old one with. I found a site that said to boot into open firmware using Cmd-Opt-O-f, and it said to type "reset-nvram" and then "reset-all". After rebooting, I am presented with a sceen with a crossed-out circle.

    I read that this helped many other people and figured i'd try it too. I would have to say my mac experience is limited as this is my first newer mac...

    This is the site I followed...

    iBook Blueberry SE
    300 Mhz | 160Mb RAM
    OS 10.3.9

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    I found all I had to do is reset the startup disk.

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    Well thats good you figures it out.

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