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    1.83Ghz Macbook Pro or 2ghz Macbook?
    The apple store is selling refurbishe 1.83ghz macbook pros for $1599. Or I could get a macbook and upgrade the RAM to 2ghz.
    Is it worth the price jump for a slower CPU but much better GPU + and bigger screen worth it?
    Day to day I mostly use itunes, word, and web browers. However, about 20% of my computer usage is for high end stuff. I work with FCP a lot and photoshop too. I am also a casual gamer, but would like to game more if I have a machine that can handle it.
    I hear the CPU difference doesn't make much of a differene but the GPU does. But is it worth the price? I will eventually upgrade the RAM of the MBP if I get it, but not as soon as the Macbook.
    This computer has to last me at least 3 years.

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    i dont have no mac's
    well 3 key words in your post tell me to tell you to get the best macbook pro you can get: FCP, photoshop, games.

    you will want a bigger screen and a better video card
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    i dont remember

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