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    Question Clamshell, Worth it?
    Hey, im pretty new here and to macs in general.
    I want to get some form of mac and i did some looking and from what i found i like the iBook clamshell, its cute and apparently runs well enough and most of all, its cheap should i get it on ebay. now i dont have alot of money to burn to get a new MacBook or i would. so my question is this, is the clamshell worth it, or should i save my pennies and get a MacBook? I dont really game aside from MUSHes so im not looking for something to be a Graphics powerhouse. just something i can take to school with me and whatnot.


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    Yes, Clamshells are good machines and are more than worth it.
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    i dont have no mac's
    oh my god man your avatar just sent me back down on memory lane with the past 2 mike and ike film festivals i cought

    anyway i would stay away from the clamshels, they are old now....i would save up for at least a 500mhz white g3ibook and even closer to the g4 processors. i know you dont have a lot of money to shell out but it will be worth it. they will last longer, are a better computer etc.
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