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Thread: DVD drive binding when I move the laptop

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    DVD drive binding when I move the laptop
    I just bought my Macbook Pro today. I searched google and this forum and could not find anything about this problem. So, I figured I'd at least find out if anyone else has seen this with their MBPs.

    I was installing XP using Parallels Desktop. So, the DVD drive was pretty busy. If I attempted to move the laptop, especially tilt it, I would hear the CD bind a little and it would slow down. Am I missing something? Is this a common/known problem?

    The guy at the Apple store told me that this was one of the new MBPs that they got in Monday. I guess we'll see.


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    Tim Quinn
    Sounds like nothing is wrong. Basic laws of a gyroscope. Never tilt anything thats spinning in a circle, its momentum will force it to try to stay level. Same thing happens if you try to tilt an xbox or playstation while the disk is spinning, the disk doesnt tilt as fast as the unit and it will rub against the tray (or in some cases against the laser lens).

    Basically, just be careful not to tilt your notebook when there is a disk spinning, not good for it.

    Tim Quinn

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