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Thread: Starting Mac OS X... frozen!

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    Starting Mac OS X... frozen!
    ok I randomly decided to check for updates on my macbook pro and i found that i had 8 to do one of which was a firmware update, i had already done the firmware update that is neccessary to use bootcamp. Doing other things at the same time i hit restart after a while and went away i camp back shortly after to see that it was taking a very very long time to start OS X and the bar was not moving at all. it was unplugged at the time with a full battery. after turning it off to see if i could get it to boot up i plugged it in and i can get past the starting mac osx progress bar. nor can i eject the cd to put in the install disc if that is even what i need to do.

    any idears?

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    figured it all out and im up and runnin....thanks for the help he he, no hard feelins <3

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