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    Unhappy ibook drive problems
    Ibook G4
    OSX Tiger

    I am a geek when it comes to PCs but I don't know much about Macs. Recently my Ibook started having problems. It wouldn't boot properly - sometimes would show the blinking globe and/or the blinking question mark. Sometimes it would load to the desktop but the menu would never load and the swirl would spin indefinitely. I tried to reload the operating system but it always gave me an error. I could boot into single user mode but not OSX. I used the hardware test CD that came with the ibook and it told me my hard drive had problems. I tried to use the disk utility to fix it but it couldn't. So my diagnosis was that the hard drive had failed. Does this sound right?
    I bought a new hard drive and found instructions on how to take apart the ibook and install it. Once I put everything back together, it turned on fine. But when I inserted the restore CD to reload the operating system, it immediately ejected it. I tried several times with different CDs and they are all ejected immediately.
    After reading some possible cures online, I tried: resetting the PRAM, turning on the laptop without a hard drive installed, reinstalling the old hard drive, using a lens cleaner CD, and cleaning the drive with an air can. But the CD drive has the same symptom no matter what. So does that mean my CD drive has failed too? Did I do something wrong when installing the HD? Or is there something I'm missing?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    sorry to bump this old dead topic but I am having the same problem and maybe someone might know a fix or have an idea??

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