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    Exclamation Suddenly Shuts Off - Won't Wake Up
    This is for a G4 800mhz iBook.

    I was using Fetch and uploading a lot of directories at once. During the uploads (after 5 minutes), the light turned low to conserve battery. Right then, the screen turned complete black and the sleep light didn't turn on.

    I waited and then pressed a key, hoping it would turn on. No. The sleep light is not turned on.

    I pressed the ON button and the iBook does not turn on or wakes up. The last time I saw the battery meter, it was at 2:30 minutes left.

    I did not take the battery off just yet. Hoping someone knows what could have caused this to happen. This is the first time it occurred. Really sucks how it is turned off and would not turn back on when I press the ON button.

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    I didn't install the new 10.3.2 update. I took the battery out and back on and works fine.

    Is this something I can simply let is pass by?

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