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    New User, many questions
    Hello Mac Community! Here is a newbie here, well to the world of macs that is

    I just got my macbook last night in the mail. Been toying around with it ever since.

    Well let me get to my point, I have quite a lot of questions.

    Where can I get accessories for the macbook, I realize that it just came out, but I am in need of a case, mouse and an extra battery.

    Also, when I close my macbook, the hardrive shuts down and stops doing it's tasks that I set it to do ex. downloading, installing something etc.

    Also, is there a website where I can get a list of commands/shortcuts for everyday computer use, such as apple-q things like that.

    Where do I get BootCamp, so I can run Windows.

    Those are my main concerns at this point, I do have a hundred of more questions, but these are first priority and don't want to overwhelm anyone.

    Thanks for your help!

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    It's standard with the G4 that when shut it sleeps, so i'm sure that continues with the Macbook.

    Apple accessories are available from the apple store.

    Shortcuts can be found from the menu's, notice them next to commonly used features?

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    You can use any mouse you want with your Macbook so you can get one pretty much wherever. As for an extra battery, the local apple store should have those

    For shortcuts try the following: and

    Boot Camp is available from

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    Thanks guys.

    But the shutdown thing, is there a way to change it?

    Also, I have a and it came with software, but it doesn't seem to work with my macbook, How to I fix this problem?

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