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    front row + remote w/ ibook?
    I recently played with Front Row and the Apple remote on my friend's new MacBook Pro.. I thought it was probably the coolest thing ever. I want to know if there's any way to use Front Row and a remote with my iBook G4. I've searched a little bit online and found a Front Row enabler for any mac running 10.4.5 or later; but I'm not sure about the remote.. Can I just buy an Apple remote and use it on my iBook? Has anyone tried?

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    Why you are buying a remote. Can't you use your friend remote and let us know.
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    You cannot use a remote with your iBook G4.
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    ok, thanks

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    There are some replica Front Row Apps that are available, Media Central and something else. Also you used to be able to get a hacked version of Front Row for older macs, i seem to remember Apple shutting it down tho, it being illegal and all!

    If you try one of the alternatives you can use a program calle sailingclicker to use a bluetooth phone to control it instead of the remote. They aren't perfect replicas but are a good compromise.

    Spend some time on google or and you should find the lot

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