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Thread: glossy screen?

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    steve zissou
    glossy screen?
    what is "glossy" about the screen? and what would you rather have, black or white regardless of price?

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    The screen reflects a lot more light now. Take a look at Sony's new laptops and you'll see what they mean. I guess it's better for watching DVDs and viewing pictures, but I don't like the upped reflectiveness.

    I'd rather have a black MacBook, but not the black that unfortunately came out. The black of the 5G iPod, the glossy black.
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    I saw the macbooks last night at the apple store and honestly, I cant stand the glossy screens. If I were to buy a macbook ide go for the black, like surfwax said a glossy black like the ipod would be nice, but I dont mind the mute black at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PunkRockTuba
    If I were to buy a macbook ide go for the black, like surfwax said a glossy black like the ipod would be nice, but I dont mind the mute black at all.
    I am pretty sure Apple knew that if they went with a glossy black Macbook, it would scratch up like crazy just as the iPods did. This being the reason why they wen't with a flat finish.

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    steve zissou
    yeah, i love the way my 5th gen has the glassy coating around it....blew me away when i opened the box. but, the easily scratchable coating on a labtop just wouldnt do. does the black on the macbook look good? on the website it looks, well, out of place. id have to see them before i decide, but i think id go with the original white to say i have an apple and have it tell all those windows users to suck it :]. but the glowing white apple on the cover of a black macbook sounds pretty cool

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    Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread, but i thought it might just be worth recording that i held off getting a new laptop to see if the new macbooks would have a matte screen option. If there were to have been such an option, i would have bought a matte screen macbook without a question. As it is, i went and bought a windoze laptop; i just can't stand those glossy screens, and was so disappointed that apple didn't give us an option at the macbook level as they do at the macbook pro level. I notice that many posters at this forum seem to like the glossy screen, but i can't find a single person in life who will have a kind word for them.

    Come on Apple, give us a choice; why should you make matte screen peeps have to go and buy windows junk?

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    i agree mate
    the uneven brightness is bad enough and the glossy crap

    apple hardware has really sucked this yeear

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    I personally enjoy the glossy screen. I have no problems with uneven brightness.
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    I too prefer a glossy screen... I'd be surprised if all of the manufacturers don't start phasing out the matte screens...

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    I love the glossy screen, the picture looks much more vibrant then the non-glossy screens.
    I also like the flat black look and although it shows prints its not as likely to scratch; now that I think about it my black 5g ipod shows prints ALOT easier then my macbook.
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    Sep 21, 2006
    the glossy screen is far superior than the matte screen, every color is much more vibrant, and also no glare and the screen is a heck of a lot brighter

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    Here's to reviving an old thread. Anyone buy a matte anti-glare screen protector? I like the glossy screen but sometimes it has too much glare and reflection.

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    i like the glossy screen, it sorta makes colors "Pop"

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    I have a gloss screen on my desk top where I can controll the lighting and I like it alot but went with a matt screen on my mpb and glad I did

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    I like the glossy too, never really had a problem with glare or reflections to be honest.

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