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    ibook screen question
    i have a 14 inch ibook g4 and my only real complaint about it is the screen seems rather dull and just generally crappy looking. i decided to get this computer when i played with my sister's 4 or 5 year old g3 powerbook. i remember being quite pleased with the screen on that machine so i figured i couldn't go wrong with a new ibook. unfortunately when it arrived i immediately noticed the screen did not look as pleasing as i remembered it. i assumed i had just remembered the powerbook as better than it actually was and told myself laptop screens will never look as good as desktop screens so i kept the computer. however, now that my sister is home from college i compared the screens side by side and noticed i hadn't remembered wrong. the old g3 powerbook has a much brighter and sharper looking screen then my new ibook. i tried adjusting the screen settings but to no avail. the texture on my screen looks almost "grainy" and even with the brightness turned all the way up it still looks dull. why didn't apple update the screens at all over the past 5 years? i find this extremely dissapointing considering i use this computer as a desktop replacement and will be stuck looking at this dull screen for the next several years.

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    Have you tried increasing the brightness, maybe you could change the background to your likings that way it won't look as dull?
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    ive tried increasing the brightness and changing the background but thanks for trying to help.

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    I think this is a common complaint of the G4 iBooks. I have a new one which I bought in November 05 and I have to say the screen sucks. It's dull (I've used SuperCal etc) and has a shockingly bad colour response and viewing angle. I don't think there's anything that can be done. Apple, until the MacBooks, seem to have used inferior panels for their displays, which is a shame, as you can get better displays for a normal laptop that costs half the price Wish I'd waited for the MacBooks

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