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Thread: Revision?

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    Hey I plan on getting a Macbook for college, but I don't want to get one just yet if there's gonna be a revision coming up... what's the average time between revisions? I'm gonna need a Macbook by mid August...

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    No one know, now that Apple has gone with the Intel processor. You can check the Mac Rumors Buyers Guide. They normal keep track of all of the hardware upgrades.
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    i dont have no mac's
    holy crap this computer came out like 8 seconds ago!!!!

    there will be continuous and semi frequent updates to the macbook. llook at the time frame from the macbook pro coming out and then a new processor bump, and then a new size etc. etc.

    wait as long as you can, in your case i'd look to buy in mid august
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    yeah, hold out for as long as you can. I know its hard.

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    Waiting gets bad though. I mean, if you keep will wait forever. Buy it when you NEED it, not when you hear a rumor that they're adding 60mhz to the processor. If the rumor is true, oh could end up waiting very long.

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