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Thread: Upgrade New iBook

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    Upgrade New iBook
    I'm almost positive that this question has come up at one time or another, but I was unable to find a thread relating to it.

    My friend recently received a new 12" iBook as a gift. This was less than a month ago. We both knew that Apple was planning on releasing an updated MacBook, but the person who bought it for him neglected that information.

    Has anyone had any success in the past in "Upgrading" an older machine to the newer model? Does his iBook have to "break" before it can be replaced with the newer machine? What are his options at this point?

    Thanks in advance.
    DJ Lee

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    sell it and use the money towards a the macbook (at least its what I would do)
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    How much would you guesstimate that the iBook could go for? I believe it's the low end w/ something like 1.33 ghz G4 w/ 512 mb RAM and a 40gb Harddrive.
    DJ Lee

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    The iBook with proccessors over 1.0GHz usually go for $600-$1000 depending on screen size. Well atleast they did, not sure if that changed due to the new models out now.

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    iBrad did this, except he bought his 24 hours before hand..

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