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    Angry Macbook Pro 17" is actually cheaper than 15"
    Macbook Pro 17” cheaper than 15” ? Here is how… and wonder the logic behind Apple pricing. taken straight out of Apple US site.
    Macbook Pro 17” at $ 2799 sports a 2.16ghz intel Core Duo Processor. For 15” this upgrade costs another USD 300 making the cost for both at par at $ 2799…
    It does not end here… The 17” also has a 120GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive! The 15” has a 100GB 5400-rpm serial ATA Hard Drive and to upgrade to 120GB it will cost you another $100
    After matching the processor and Hard drive configuration of 15” Macbook Pro with 17”, the 15” costs $ 100 more and comes to $ 2899.
    No it does not end here. Pay more to get less!
    The 17” has 8X double layer super drive. 15” has ONLY 4X Super Drive.
    The 17” has 2 firewire ports (400 & 800). The 15” has ONLY firewire 400
    The 17” has 3 USB ports compared to ONLY 2 on the 15”
    I wish apple can explain the logic in the pricing of 15” here…

    From the apple site

    Macbook Pro 17” $2,799.00
    17-inch widescreen display
    1680×1050 resolution
    2.16GHz Intel Core Duo(1)
    1GB (single SODIMM) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    120GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive
    8x double-layer SuperDrive
    ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256MB GDDR3 memory
    One FireWire 400, one FireWire 800, and three USB 2.0 ports

    Macbook Pro 15” $2,499.00
    15.4-inch widescreen display
    1440×900 resolution
    2.0GHz Intel Core Duo—upgradeable to 2.16GHz(1)
    1GB (single SO-DIMM) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    100GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive
    4x SuperDrive
    ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256MB GDDR3 memory
    One FireWire 400 and two USB 2.0 ports

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    i dont have no mac's
    most of us know this already, and you only need to post once
    MoTM honor roll...
    i dont remember

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    15" MBP 2.16GHz ^ATI Radeon X1600 256MB ^100GB @ 7200 rpm ^2GB RAM ^Glossy Screen +iPod 4G 20 gigs
    Perhaps the logic is that some people prefer the portability...

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    Mac Book Pro, 1.83 GHz, 1.5 gigs RAM, 80 GB, AND NO HEAT ISSUES!!
    yeah not to mention cramming more in to less space. And to tell you the truth, had i decided to get a MBP with those specs, I would have picked a 15". the 17" is more a "home computer that you can move around." travelling with it is almost out of the question.

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    You know why the 17" is less than 15"? Thats like saying you bye a bottle of water for $1.25, but you can buy 10 bottles of water for $10. And it's like wholesale, you pay alot, but its cheaper than buying the product seperatly. Every company does that, it's not unusual.

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    This is old. It's not true anymore; check for yourself.

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