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    Blonde Guy
    Airport or Extreme for iBook?
    I have an iBook (A1054) 800 MHz G4.

    I got this computer refurbished from the Apple Store website. I also got Airport Extreme. I plugged in the Airport Extreme, and the computer would not even start. The fan went crazy and nothing else happened.

    I removed the Airport extreme, and the computer boots normally. I got a new Airport extreme from Apple, and the exact same thing happened.

    Then I got very busy, and left the computer unused for a while. Now I need get another Mac going, and I hope to get this one working. My friend suggested that Apple is wrong to say Airport Extreme works on this system, and I really need an plain old Airport.

    Any ideas???

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    Well, according to this article from Apple's website, your iBook is compatible with the Extreme card... So that shouldn't be an issue. Sorry I can't be of more help, but at least I can eliminate one possibile cause of your issue.
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    Every iBook G4 is either Airport Extreme ready, or has it built-in, depending on which one it is. The two cards and their respective slots are physically so different that it is impossible to put an Extreme card in a plain Airport slot, and vice versa.
    Maybe the connector on the board is faulty, get it replaced by Apple. Refurbished Macs have the same warranty like brand new ones.

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    I have the iBook G4 800 (probably identical to what you have). It came without an Airport card when bought new, and I added an Airport Extreme card to it. It worked fine with no problem.

    Could you take both iBook and card to the Apple store and have them take a look?

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