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    Powerbook problems(won't start and strange HD noise). please help
    Hi there.

    I have had my powerbook just over a year. My warranty ran out only a couple of months back too so I am gutted. The last couple of weeks the pb keeps shutting down unexpectedly and date changes to 1970 and especially when no adaptor is plugged in. the battery life is ran down too. from this i assumed that i needed a new battery but as a student have not had the cash to replace my battery. since then i have carried on used it in frequent spells when needed. a couple of days ago i shut it down. then a few hours later restarted it. it got to the grey apple screen and no loading circle appeared. and then a hard horrible churning noise started and it seemed that it came from the hard drive. anyway i did a hardware test and there was an error. i re-installed my software and it started and went to the desktop but the same noise occurs especially when date is getting read. it struggles to do commands. anyway. i shut it down again and restarted this but it stuck on the grey screen again. the only option b4 taking to apple is trying a reinstall and then repair any problems in disk utility or reset to factory settings by taking battery out and holding down power button for 5secs.

    Does anyone have any other tips please that could solve this please,

    Many thanks,

    tex3mjj a.k.a. mark

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    Me Again. please help
    the hardware test reported an error number:-

    2STF/4/3:ATA-100 ata-6-master

    please can you help. ive reinstalled my mac. but i still think the hard drive is done in any advice please

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    clicking noise still here when info read

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    Quote Originally Posted by tex3mjj
    clicking noise still here when info read
    Your hard drive is shot. If by some miracle you can get it to boot to target disk mode (T - at startup) You may want to see if you can get any of your data off.

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